Alien Attack

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Marcos Daniel Blanco
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Shoot'em up
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It is the year 2421.

Despite the constant threat of exploitation of its own planet, global pandemics and wars for resources, humanity has created a confederative system of government that has largely ensured political and economic stability over the past 120 years. The overpopulation of the Earth continues to be critical.

Individual planets in the solar system have now been colonized or are being used for the extraction of raw materials. The settlement of Mars is well advanced; through the development of advanced terraforming technologies, it is already the home planet for over ten generations.

Beyond that, any efforts to reach, let alone colonize, habitable planets outside the known solar system have been unsuccessful. The search for intelligent extraterrestrial life has also been fruitless so far. Very worrying, however, were the discoveries made as early as the 23rd century of several planets in the Vega system that showed traces of highly developed civilizations.

Along with the formation of a confederative world government, Star Fleet Command (S.F.C.) was founded. The primary goals of this global institution are the defense of Earth and the exploration of outer space. S.F.C. has advanced technologies to support its missions.

The best example is the reconnaissance and combat fighter V.I.P.E.R. (“Very Impressive Photon Energized Raider”). Advanced propulsion, sensor and weapon systems and the innovative power system S.P.H.E.R.E. ("Super Photon Hadron Electron Radial Energy") make this prototype a promising element in the S.F.C. fleet.

The first and most experienced pilot for V.I.P.E.R. is – you!

  • Original Idea, Visionary, Programming, Game Design: Marcos Daniel Blanco
  • Graphics, SoundFX, Music, Level Design, Documentation: Daniel Simon
  • Consulting and Project Support:
    • Pintus Giuseppe Ettore
    • Mario Cavalanti (Clube MSX)
    • Julio Marchi (MSXALL.COM)
    • Hamlet and Ro (MSX.ORG)
    • Arnaud de Klerk
  • Game Testing:
    • Arnaud de Klerk
    • Enrique Sanchez
    • Dominik Böhler
    • Zoran Majcencic
    • Daniel Afarelli
  • Original music score by:
    • Def Danny
    • Christian Bruhn
    • Didier Marouani
    • Ron Grainer
    • Paul van der Valk
  • Creative Critics (our fantastic children):
    • Luiza
    • Felipe
    • Pauline
    • Lissy

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