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This game was the MSXdev’07 winner
In an era long past, legendary paladins fought evil demons and gods ruled the fate of mankind. Zeus governed the whole world from his divine throne in Mount Olympus with wisdom and justice. However, sorrow awaited humans. Ares, God of War, secretly desired Zeus' power. He spread violence and chaos in human souls to weaken Zeus' authority. A dark age of war began. A company of knights loyal to Zeus was said to be invincible thanks to the bravery of their two commanders: the Mighty Aleena, a fearsome amazon, and King Zineus, a genius tactician. Ares summoned a wicked army of monsters. Nonetheless, thanks to Zineus' efforts and the unbeatable power of Zeus, the company remained proudly undefeated. Justice was about to triumph, but... The wild winds of fortune made Zeus fall in love. He get Aleena pregnant. His jealous wife, Hera, kidnapped her and joined forces with Ares. Fearing for Aleena's life, Zeus could no longer help his army. Now, the world is swollen with darkness as if it would rob away everything. Zineus realizes that the only hope is to rescue Aleena and her unborn son to regain the favour of the King of Gods. In this adventure game with epic storyline, you incarnate King Zineus. Your mission is to save your companion and friend the Mighty Aleena and recover the Zeus' favour. Your quest starts in your own fortress, the renowned Zineus' Castle, which is now under Ares attack.
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Game Design and Programming:Toni Burguera;Graphics:Corbomite Maneuver;Music:Carlo Bandini;Game Manual:Toni Burguera,Google Images
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