Online emulation thanks to WebMSX emulator by Paulo Augusto Peccin

How to play?

The goal of the game is to make Joe (characterized by a person and controlled with the arrows and space) meet Sam (characterized by a cat and controlled by A,D and shift when in the two players option) while preventing the bricks from crushing Joe (and Sam in the case of two players). Each brick has a value of 10 points. Joe can concentrate by holding spacebar (and Sam with shift) to be able to jump bricks. The more time you concentrate the higher you will jump. It can reach up to 3 blocks of bricks.

You can move Joe right and left with the right and left arrows. Joe can jump by pressing the space bar.

The more time you keep pressing the space bar the higher you jump when release the space bar. You can jump three bricks at maximum.

If you don't know how to proceed, pressing F3 resets the screen. You lose a life doing so.

You can move Sam right and left with the A and D keys in the 2 players mode.

Sam can jump by pressing the Shift key. The more time you keep pressing the Shift key the higher you jump. You can jump at maximum three bricks.