Online emulation thanks to WebMSX emulator by Paulo Augusto Peccin

How to play?

Meteor Storm can be played on any MSX computer or on any modern computer with an MSX emulator. On a real MSX, simply write the contents of METEORS.ZIP to your floppy disk or floppy emulator or place the folder on your disk drive and enter BASIC, navigating to the METEORS subdirectory needbe. In emulators simply mount the zip file as a disk or (as I found I had to do in WebMSX) import all files in folder to disk. If AUTOEXEC.BAS does not run automatically (your screen does not instantly turn black), type LOAD"AUTOEXEC.BAS" and hit enter, and then run and hit enter.

Simply type LOAD"filename.BAS":RUN in BASIC after running AUTOEXEC.BAS to play. Replace filename with METEORS to play with a paddle, METEORKB to play with a keyboard, METEORMS to play with a mouse,  or METEORJP to play with a joypad. Please note that the mouse is not supported on the MSX1 and the paddle is not supported on the Turbo-R without a modified BIOS.

Meteor Storm is configured for MSX-MUSIC by default. In order to play with only PSG audio, rename METEORS.MGS to something else and then rename PSG.MGS to METEORS.MGS.