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NameDeveloperMSX GenerationYearProduct ID
Bubble Ball MIA Masaki WakabayashiMSX UnknownN/A
screenshotCaple MIA

Y. TakaharaMSX 1985N/A
screenshotCapture the Monster MIA

Capture of Mongas
UnknownMSX UnknownN/A
screenshotCardbattler-Kuga MIA
BitmapMSX2 1992N/A
screenshotCardbattler-Kuga Bangai MIA
BitmapMSX2 1994N/A
Cartoon - Logiciel Graphique d'Animation MIA

VIFI InternationalMSX 1985VG 8310/21
Cave Adventure MIA
Mel SoftwareMSX 1986N/A
screenshotCave Exploring MIA

UnknownMSX UnknownN/A
screenshotCenter Court MIA NamcoMSX2 1988N/A
screenshotChas! MIA

Teruhiko MatsubaraMSX 1987N/A
NameDeveloperMSX generationYearProduct ID