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NameDeveloperMSX GenerationYearProduct ID
Around the Clock Al AlamiahMSX 1986N/A
screenshotArsene Lupin III - The Golden Legend of Babylon
Arsene Lupin III Babiron no Ougon Densetsu
TohoMSX2 1988N/A
screenshotArsene Lupin III and the Castle of Cagliostro TohoMSX2 1987N/A
screenshotAs You Like - Yaritai-Hodai the 3rd - Vol.1 MIA
Lucifer SoftMSX2 1990N/A
screenshotAshguine Bit2MSX2 1987N/A
screenshotAshguine Story II
T&E SoftMSX2 1987SW-M002
screenshotAshguine Story III Micro CabinMSX2 1987N/A
screenshotAssistant BarqMSX 1987N/A
screenshotAsteka II
Taitoyouno Sinden
Tokyo ShosekiMSX2 1988N/A
screenshotAstro Dodge Revival StudiosMSX2 2012N/A
NameDeveloperMSX generationYearProduct ID