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NameDeveloperMSX GenerationYearProduct ID
Hercule InfogramesMSX 1984N/A
screenshotHomicidio en el Atlántico InfogramesMSX 1987HBSINS 02
screenshotIllusions InfogramesMSX 1985N/A

InfogramesMSX2 1988VG 8913
screenshotLa Herencia - Pánico en Las Vegas
L\'Héritage - Panique à Las Vegas
InfogramesMSX 1986N/A
screenshotLes Passagers du Vent

Los Pasajeros del Viento
InfogramesMSX2 1986N/A

InfogramesMSX 1986MXKH85231
Murder on the Atlantic InfogramesMSX UnknownN/A
The Inheritance: Panic in Las Vegas InfogramesMSX 1985N/A
screenshotThe Vera Cruz Affair InfogramesMSX 1986N/A
NameDeveloperMSX generationYearProduct ID