What is MSX Scans?

Project started by some MSX enthusiasts some years ago


Preserve all the possible graphic material from MSX standard such as games, software and books if possible. Everything should be scanned and preserved. Aim for covers, manuals, tapes, cartridges. In short: everything

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How to arrange all this stuff?

Each program has its own folder, different releases of the same program they will be saved in their respective folders

Folder structure

The folders have the following name structure: Name (Publisher) [Format] [Defects] - Other data

  • Name: The full name of the program, putting the article, if any, at the end. So "El Capitán Trueno" we would be renamed to "Capitán Trueno, El"
  • Publisher: Different releases will be distinguished by who its publisher. For example we have the double-box release of Alien 8, published by Ultimate itself, and the case format released by ERBE
  • Format: Use N for normal box, D for double jewel case, E for black plastic case, M for medium size cardboard box, G for large cardboard box and C for cartridges
  • Defects: Use P if cover is missing, I if the instructions are missing or C if the tape or the cartridge are missing
  • Other data: Everything that may be relevant or allows to better distinguish that current release

All this stuff will be uploaded to MSX Scans Gallery