Para arrancar el juego es necesario un MSX2, MSX-DOS2, 128kb de VRAM, un mapper de 256kb y MSX-Music.

No funciona con FAT16 ni IDECDEX ni tampoco en MSX turbo R.

Abu Simbel Profanation (demo)

In the last 3000 years the best explorers in the world tried to profanate the temple of Abu Simbel, created by emperor Ramses II to store all his treasures and secrets, and although several have entered the temple, none returned alive. Then our fearless hero Johnny Jones, decides to be successfull where others have failed.

But when our hero entered the temple, he fell under a horrible curse, that changed him into a strange creature. Now alone and lost inside the tomb, Johnny must find the central mortuary chamber if he wants to get rid of the curse and be his normal self again.

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