It is not easy being the son of a famous scientist, Monty Scott will tell you. One day he is happily helping his dad in his lab, the next he is saving him from his own devices!

The latest incident involves a portal that allows Dr. Scott to travel between two parallel worlds, named Terra (our own world) and Fable.

After the incident, Dr. Scott got lost in Fable. Now it is up to Monty and his fearless dog Nicemoon to rescue Dr. Scott.

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Game design
Antoni Burguera
Antoni Burguera
Antoni Burguera
Antoni Burguera
Music & FX
Antoni Burguera
Special thanks
Armando Pérez
Miguel Ángel Fernández
Sandra María Garzón



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march 21, 2017

Last update
april 7, 2018

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