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Devil Zone has in its time usually been compared to Castlevania, but that was based entirely on superficial criteria like the name (Angma is the Korean pronounciation for Akuma) and a whip as an optional weapon. In fact, the game is much more akin to single plane beat 'em ups like the NES Kung Fu. The player just walks from left to right and kicks ghosts, soldiers, savages and mummies to death. Some enemies drop special items that grant invincibility, time stop, health recharge and other things. Others leave red stars, which can be traded in for weapons. The cheapest one is a sword that just slightly enhances range, followed by a whip, a boomerang, a gun and a bazooka.

The game is balanced pretty badly, though, and while the shooting weapons make the game ridiculously easy, the latter two of the five stages are completely impossible without one of them and a sufficient amount of stars for backup, as the guns do run out of ammo. At the end of every stage awaits a boss, their behaviour is pretty much the same each time, with only the sprite and the flight behaviour of their projectiles changed.

Almost more interesting than the game itself is its awesome advertisement, not only ripping off Konami's cover for Metal Gear (which was in turn ripping off the movie Terminator), but also a ton of other movie images, album covers and whatnot.

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