Traffic Jam

Summer time is coming and, as every year, the mayor of your city has decided
this is the best time to make some works on the main streets of the city... what causes the unavoidable TRAFFIC JAM!!.

You’re Sandy Olson, a young and beautiful traffic policewoman in charge of helping every morning hundreds of drivers trying to get to their place of work in time.

One of those drivers is Danny Zucku, an executive who works on a very important company. He has been your friend for some time, but now you feel you want to be something more than only his friend… so, you make an extra effort to help him.

Somehow’ you’ve been informed about his plans for the summer. He will start his holiday in a few months and, after talking to your chief, you have managed to arrange yours to coindice with him

You ‘only’ have to guide Danny out of the TRAFFIC JAM and help him not to be fired… good luck!!



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july 15, 2007

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august 17, 2013

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